Simfonia en Dolç


Red sweet wine

90% Garnatxa and 10% Carinyena.

Aged in oak barrels.
No filtered, no clarified. No sugar and no alcohol added.

Limited production: 800 bottles.

Simfonia en dolç is a naturally sweet red wine from Priorat Designation of Origin, made with garnacha and cariñena grapes, aged in oak barrels.

Simfonia en dolç is a wine that reflects the climatic change that our vineyards have experienced over the last few years. Very dry and extremely hot summers produce highly concentrated grapes with little water. At the beginning of September we will select the best grapes to make this wine. In 2007, the yeast converted the sugars into 15.5° alcohol during fermentation, leaving the sugars to be transformed. This sugar is today present in the wine, natural sugar from the grape itself and natural alcohol from the fermentation process. After being in oak barrels for a time, a very limited batch of 800 bottles was bottled.

A maroon-coloured red wine with strawberry-coloured edges, fatty and unctuous, with slow, abundant legs.

“Simfonia en dolç” is a wine that changes a great deal in the glass. At the beginning there are overtones of dried fruit: raisins, dried apricots, figs. When it begins to change in the glass balsamic scents appear with hints of aromatic herbs (pennyroyal, tea, helichrysum), as well as green almonds, with hints of marzipan.

It has a powerful initial impact in the mouth. The natural sugar of the grape together with the moderate acidity of the drying process itself results in a very well-balanced wine with a certain sweetness, a sweetness which flows through the mouth. Its velvety feel and its good structure in the mouth are particularly striking, with notes of aromas such as blackcurrant, raisins and cocoa. The aftertaste is intense and long-lasting.