Winery History

In 1978 Pere SANGENÍS and Conxita VAQUÉ started to plant vines in the lands of Pere in Porrera, D.O.PRIORAT. We know that this lands has been in the maternal side of his family –MONLLEÓ- since before 1700, and on which vines were primarily cultivated. At the beginning of the century bottling was attempted in some houses of the PRIORAT, however this project collapset as they were times of social and economic conflict.

In 1979 Pere and Conxita began to produce in the bodega in Plaza Catalunya, the old cellar of Josep Simó, Conxita’s grandfather, who was a winemaker as well as wine merchant from 1886 until his death. Is in this cellar that Pere SANGENÍS has produced our wines during these years combining tradition with the new ways.

Since 2006 Maria and Núria Sangenís have joined our team who, alongside Pere, share the responsibility of producing our great wines.

The vineyards are located in the district of Porrera within the Priorat Qualified Designation of Origin, on terraced hillsides, formed by the famous “llicorella” (slaty schist land). Very poor land combined with a dry climate (400 mm) provides minimal production and therefore maximum quality.