Where do we come from?

Our history

In 1978 Pere Sangenís and Conxita Vaqué started to plants vines in the various family properties of Pere around the village of Porrera in DOQ Priorat.

We know that these lands were from his mother’s side of the family –the Monlleó family– and have seen vine cultivation since before
the 1700s. Since the beginning of the 20th century, there was the desire to bottle the wines but due to social and economic issues within Priorat it simply wasn’t possible.

In 1979 Pere and Conxita started to make wine in the cellar on Plaça Catalunya, which was the cellar of Josep Simó, Conxita’s grandfather who was a winemaker and a wine salesman from 1886 until his death.

In this cellar, Pere has been making wine since 1978 combining the old tradition with new ideas.

Daughters, Maria and Núria Sangenís are now sharing this reponsibility of making great wines with their father, Pere.

The vineyards are now all found within the borders of the village of Views of the village of Porrera from one of the vineyards La Coranya vineyard Porrera in DOQ Priorat, planted on terraces and slopes, all formed by the famous “llicorella”, a very slate- rich soil. These soils are very poor in organic material and with the dry climate (450mm/18in of annual rain) it makes for a heavily reduced production that results in maximum quality.


Soils & climate



Wines that maximize the expression of terroir

Wines that maximize the expression of terroir

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